Nexus does not replace your bank officers requirement to contact your customers and sell your benefits. Their skill and experience remains as necessary as ever.

Ultimately, there is no substitute for selling. The level of competition in financial services has never been more fierce. Armed even with the intelligence from Nexus, your sales team will still:

  • Have to contact the customer
  • Have to sell your customers that your products and services are the best for them

Nexus does is not a magical solution to selling, but we can:

  • Arm your sales team with a breadth of intelligence other banking products that YOUR customers are acquiring from other institutions
  • Filter all available opportunities to the ones your institution is most like to close

As the chart above shows, asking for the business translates into results that are 5x the competition. Nexus' recommendation is that you definitely ask for the business. You will be surprised by the results!

Improving your results requires SELLING not just taking Orders

​Nexus Intelligence