​Nexus Intelligence

Generating results with Big Data

Requires three simple steps:

  1. Leverage the trust that exists
  2. Demonstrate a unique & unparalleled insight
  3. Ask for the business

Your depositors have already proved their trust. Nexus provides that unparalleled knowledge. All that is left is for you to ask for the business. Success will follow.


A better way to grow

Everyone knows it is easier to sell an additional product to an existing customer than a new product to a new customer. Let Nexus identify where the easiest sales are for you.

Intelligence that keeps getting better

The Nexus technology improves itself the longer it mines the financial institution's data. Not only does it find 100s if not 1,000s of opportunities within the first 30 days, it will continue to add to those opportunities. In all cases, these are products you could be delivering to your customers rather than your competition.

Results are what matters

Results aren't the only thing. They are everything.

About Us

External intelligence drives Results


For every 10,000 customers or members you have, 8,000 of them have money at another institution. 8,000 of them have loans and cash management services at a competitor. The growth you need is not anywhere but within the walls of your institution. It is only a matter of knowing where to look. Nexus shows you the way.

Nexus Intelligence, LLC has delivered real results to financial institutions ranging from several hundred million dollars to multiple billions in assets. Our proven technology scales from the very small financial institution to the largest community financial organizations.


Our people have spent decades serving financial institutions both as a partner as well as from the inside. Our CEO has served on boards of directors and founded banks. His latest bank was founded in 2008, so he has deep experience with trying to grow a community bank in very difficult times--just like you. We know banking in a way that most vendors never will.

Nexus Intelligence was born from the simple idea that being a community bank or credit union is hard today. Growth is challenging. Regulations have never been so invasive. Competition has never been more fierce.  

Nexus changes the game by unleashing the intelligence that is locked up in your financial institution's data. This is not some experiment with social media feeds that might prove useful. Science experiments are for the classroom. Big data from Nexus is about results.

Banking used to be fun

What happened to the fun?

Banking used to be fun. Now growth is a struggle. Nexus makes growth easier by identifying from the most likely candidates what the potential opportunities are.